Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Adventures

So I am back in Yellowstone for my first winter here.  It is beautiful and snowy.  The mountians are all capped with snow and I feel like I'm tucked in for the winter. 

The first few days were a little hard as it takes a little time to get settled back in and into a routine.  The first few days I was feeling a little homesick.  Things are getting better now. 

An update on the areas I'm trying to work on:

1. Healthy Eating - I feel good about this!  I haven't placed myself on a strict diet.  I really have no restrictions right now, but I am trying to use mindful eating and incorporate more raw veggies and fruits into my diet.  I also try to watch my portion sizes and stop eating when I start to feel full.  There are some days that I do try to limit carbs or fatty foods, etc. 

2. Living an Active Life - Starting to feel pretty good about this one, too!  I have gone to the gym a few times, but I absolutely hate it.  So, I've tried walking more.  I walk for 15 minutes on my morning, lunch, and afternoon break.  I want to try to add more minutes at night and possible before work.  Yesterday, I went snowshoeing for the first time and today took a cross-country ski lesson! 

3. Social Studies - I find myself sitting with the same people I have know for the past 3 years and not really getting to know anyone new.  Maybe this will change this summer when more people are here.

4. Spirituality - no progress on this one, yet.

5. I have read Oliver Twist.

6. I have accomplished some goals in the past couple of weeks, the big ones being enjoying winter activities such as snowshoeing and skiing. 

I feel encouraged and want to continue taking small steps in changing my lifestyle.

Monday, December 6, 2010

463 Days

I will turn 30 in 463 days.  I don't dread this new decade but instead feel hopeful and excited about what God has planned for me and for the adventures I will have! This blog is for me.  My hope is that this blog will hold me accountable for achieving the things I want to accomplish before I turn 30.  A lot of these things are goals I have for myself that will hopefully make me a stronger, healthier, mature woman for life in my thirties.

I read this quote today from Alan Cohen:  "To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny."  This quote sums up my intentions for this blog - I want to grow and make my future very different from my past.  I also want to be positive, so I won't list all the negativity about myself that I want to change but instead will start with today and will focus on the future and how I'm growing as a person and working on different aspects of my day to day life. 
I might revise these from time to time, but the general areas I will be working on will be:

1. Healthy Eating - this is a nicer way of telling myself that I need to lose weight.  However, I feel a change within me.  In my past, I would have said I need to lose x amount of weight in order to be acceptable as a person.  I am acceptable just as I am.  Now, I want to become a healthy eater so that I feel better and have more energy.  Weight loss will be a bonus. 

2. Living an Active Life - this sounds better than "exercise".  Hiking has become an interest of mine within the past year and a half.  I feel great out on the trails in the sunshine and among wildflowers.  I want to continue to hike more as well as add other outdoor activities like snowshoeing, skiing, and biking.

3. Social Studies - I tend to be reclusive and content to stay within my safe little world I have built.  I want to become more outgoing.  Become a social experiment.  What would happen if I put myself out there and try to meet more people?  Strike up a conversation with someone at the dinner table? 

4. Spirituality - I want to start attending a local Bible study on Wednesday nights. 

5. Book Reports - there are so many literature "classics" that I have not read.  I want to compile a list and mark them all off!  Also, read up on subjects of interest to me, read about other cultures, and current affairs.

6. Goals - self explanatory.